Post graduate entrance examination dates:

  • Physics entrance examination on 23.05.2022
  • Mathematics entrance examination on 28.05.2022
  • Chemistry entrance examination on 04.06.2022

End-of-Semester Examination – April 2022 Exam Fees Notification

21 Series UG and PG students can download their Hall Tickets by Visiting: Students can use their Roll No as user name and password to login and can download their respective Hall tickets.

End-of-Semester Exam-November 2021 – Schedule for 1 year MBA & MCA

  1. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 Series Students can download their    Hall tickets.
  2. 21 Series Students can download their hall tickets on 31st January, 2022.
  3. Students who studied before 2014 are asked to come and collect their hall tickets in person at the office of the Controller of Examination.

End of Semester Examinations-November 2021

The last date for payment of college fees and exam fees is 29th January 2022.

Revised Academic Calendar 2021-22

To Know your Roll Number 0452-2530070 0452-2530070

The right way to Date Fabulous Single Females Without Being a Rich Guy

There are two sorts of beautiful solitary woman on the globe. One is the kind that has a good amount of friends and a great circle of influence. She might be a part of a study group by school or she generally is a member of environmental organizations, her church, or whatever it is she’s involved with. The second type of amazing single woman certainly is the one who does not have any friends or any type of type of circle of impact. She is self-employed and fades on her own.

Now you ask yourself, as to why do these kinds of attractive females still have job? Is it because they are indispensable and would never keep if provided the choice? Or is it because there is a very high self esteem and they believe they are distinctive? What a large number of people miss is that this can be not true for any women. There are some attractive girls that are still solo and want to get back into the dating game.

Many persons think of the rich and famous every time they think of going out with rich gal. If you’re an incredible single female, you’re in all probability a rich girl looking for a wealthy man to invest time with. This may not be accurate for you, but remember that not everyone seems to be as cheap mail order brides lucky as you are. There are numerous rich ladies out there trying to find dates, and chances are they may be looking for a similar type of males as you. The difference is that they happen to be rich, therefore you have a good deal to work with than most solitary men.

Now a few women own a lot more going for all of them that other women carry out. They might be even more outgoing, they may be a little more adventurous type of, or they may have more self-esteem issues that you can keep them from getting together with rich guys. These are all things that may come into play when you’re trying to find a abundant man. Keep in mind, she wouldn’t just modification her existence if you were offered money. Your sweetheart wouldn’t merely change her name and change her appearance to make you think that she has more mature. If perhaps she wasn’t already attractive to a abundant man, your sweetheart wouldn’t always be wasting her time with you.

You have to realize that only some beautiful single woman really want rich men. Some beautiful ladies would not date an unhealthy guy, even if he provided her hundreds of dollar. She may be naturally attractive to you because of your expertise or your task, but the lady wouldn’t manage to sustain a relationship having a poor guy after he leaves her. Poor guys have no the endurance or the self-discipline necessary to keep a relationship heading, and that can hurt both of you down the road.

Best women carry out want to find a romance, and they do want to be having a guy that is wealthy enough to support her needs provided that she wants to stay that way. There are plenty of wealthy single women of all ages out there, and it’s totally normal approach these females about how very much they would frequently charge thus far them. You will need to realize that not every type kinds dating site is work by abundant guys looking to prey on those less than beautiful women. There are plenty of decent guys in existence who are looking for dates too!

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