Botany Department – Infrastructure


  • Microscopes.
  • Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Electronic balances.
  • Incubators, Hot air oven, Temperature controlled orbital shaker.
  • Autoclave, Laminar air flow chambers, Distillation.
  • Centrifuge, Refrigerated centrifuge facilities, Refrigerated centrifuge.
  • Phase contrast microscope, Flame photometer, Roto-evaporator.
  • Gel Electrophoresis facilities for protein nucleic acids,   Trans-illuminator.
  • Refrigerators and -20*C Cold storage unit.
  • Air conditioned Instrumentation / Culture rooms.


Well equipped laboratory to conduct experiments in Biochemistry, Plant tissue culture, Molecular biology, Microbiology, Plant Physiology and other fields of biology.