Microbiology Department – Infrastructure


  • Highly equipped lab with latest instruments like ELISA Reader, Nikon Phase Contrast Microscope with advanced cameras and generator            facilities. 
  • Research and lab work are highly precise with the use of high precision apparatus like micropipettes, high quality chemicals, and disposable    wares.
  • Full-fledged and well furnished classrooms
  • Audio-visual aids like Over Head Projectors, Slide Projectors, computer animations etc.
  • Well qualified and trained faculty in specialized branches.
  • Trained lab technicians
  • Fully equipped and air-conditioned microbiological lab with incubation, inoculation, serological and instruments chambers separately under establishment. 


  • CO2 incubator – Thermo – Forma – USA
  • Phase contrast microscope – Nikon – JAPAN
  • ELISA Reader – Biorad – USA