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  1. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each class.
  2. Students shall assemble in the respective lecture rooms before the second bell.
  3. In every class, each student shall have a specified seat and shall not occupy any other seat without the permission of the teacher.
  4. No student shall absent themselves from the College without obtaining leave except in case of sudden illness or ether circumstances which may prevent them from so doing. The Vice-Principal is the authority for granting leave.
  5. Application for leave must be written specifying clearly the reasons. They must be countersigned by the Parent or Guardian or Hall Warden before being sent to the Vice-Principal. Sick leave exceeding two days should be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  6. Students who absent themselves from College without leave shall pay a fine according to the following rule :
     Attendance (%)     Fine
    75 and above   Nil
    65 – 74 Rs. 100
    50 – 64  Rs. 200 & will not be allowed for the current sitting
     Below 50 To repeat the course
  7. Students who absent themselves on the reopening day shall be fined at double the rate per day.
  8. No leave can be granted from the test unless for reasons of grave necessity. In case of illness, a proper medical certificate must be produced before the close of the test period.
  9. lf without leave or under any false pretext a student be absent from any test, he shall be treated as having obtained zero marks in the test.
  10. Procedure for OD: A student who participates in officially sanctioned academic/cultural/co-curricular/sports activities during the regular working days is eligible for leave as on Other Duty (OD). The procedure for applying for OD is as follows: The student before leaving the college on OD shall get the appropriate application form filled with the recommendation of the HOD/Coordinator/Convener/Director concerned and submit the same to the Vice-Principal. The application form shall clearly indicate the date of leaving the college and the date of rejoining of regular study back at the college. In return, he/she report to the vice-Principal and get his / her signature on the OD form to complete the process.
  11. Chronic absenteeism is considered as indiscipline. The Dean (P&A) will obtain periodic lists of such absentees from the departments and after scrutinizing by Discipline Committeesuch students will he removed from the roll