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Institutional Vision and Leadership

Case Study:  Decentralization of responsibilities distributed to various Deans.

Deans are the executive officers who are entrusted with various tasks proposed by the Principal & Secretary and Senatus body.  They help the administration on executing well-defined actions as required, thus the power of decentralization is realized.  The job description of various Deans is as follows:

  • Dean for Policy and Administration: It is the senior most position in terms of academic administration, responsible for initiating academic policies, internal monitoring of the academic programs and general administration under college autonomy. The responsibilities of the Dean involve (i) constituting the Board of Studies, (ii) Convening the Academic council, (iii) Follow up and execution of all the recommendations of Academic Council.  Dean will also be involved in developing (a) methods and procedures of evaluations of academic programs, (b) indices for evaluating teaching-learning process, teacher quality and student performance.  The
  • Dean helps the institution in accreditation process by various agencies like NAAC, UGC, AICTE and NIRF
  • Dean for Curriculum Development and Research: Dean, DCDR will be responsible for general development and promotion of curriculum under autonomy and promote research activities in the institution. Dean will facilitate and actively promote sourcing of funds for research, seminars and other projects from UGC and other funding agencies both National and International.
  • Dean of Students: Dean of Students is responsible for academic counseling of students and will remain as a bridge between students and various departments. The Dean will facilitate the overall management and administration of CBCS like registration of Life-skill courses, Non-major elective courses, Co-curricular activities. 
  • Dean of Self-Financed Programmes: Dean of Self-Financed Programmes is responsible for the overall coordination of the Self-Financed division of the institution and monitors the conduct and the performance of the same. The Dean will take care of the infrastructural needs of the Self-Financed Programme and facilitate the administration in introducing new courses.
  • Dean of Women Students: Dean of Women Students is responsible for protecting the general welfare of women students on campus.  The Dean is also entrusted with addressing the gender issues in curriculum development and research and will sensitize the policies that promote and protect women rights and gender equity in the institution. This Dean organizes awareness programmes for women students on gender issues, career development and women protection.
  • Dean of International Exchange and Study Abroad: Dean, IESA caters to the needs and aspirations of the students who wish to pursue Higher Education abroad either through twinning programmes or after graduation. The Dean finds suitable foreign institutions for tie-ups, finalizes MoUs with these institutions and facilitates smooth transition of students and credit transfer.
  • Additional Deans: Faculty will act as Additional Deans and will help the respective Deans in executing the tasks entrusted.