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To Know your Roll Number

The academic year 2024-2025 for freshers will start with Orientation Programme:Satellite Campus:

ALL SF UG & PG – Wednesday, 26 June 2024 at 10.00 a.m. in the Assembly Hall, Chatrapatti.

Main Campus:

All Aided UG & PG and SF PG – Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 10.00 am in the Edward Nolting Hall, Goripalayam.

All Art SF UG – Friday, 28 June 2024 at 10.00 am in the Edward Nolting Hall, Goripalayam.

All Science SF UG – Friday, 28 June 2024 at 10.00 am in the Edward Nolting Hall, Goripalayam.

All students are asked to report at the respective department registration counter at the Flint Square between 8.00 a.m. and 9.45 a.m. Students who have paid the Hostel Fees are asked to report to the respective Hall immediately after their registration at the department counter.


Ensure you bring the following documents with photocopy:

  1. Transfer certificate
  2. Mark statement
  3. student bank account linked with Aadhar
  4. Aadhar card
  5. community certificate
Final Schedule for End–of-Semester Examinations – April 2024.

Our College has been ranked 58 among colleges in India in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2023) released by the Ministry of HRD , Government of India. 0452-2530070 0452-2530070

The American college - Satellite Campus

           The Satellite Campus of the American College is located 15 KM away on Madurai –Natham Highway in Chatrappati. The 60 acre campus has been developed at the foothills of a small hillock which is a part of the Alagar Hills on the Western Ghats. The campus has been developed in eco-centric and environment friendly way in order not to disturb the rich flora and fauna found in and around the campus. The serene atmosphere of the campus is enhanced by the abundant native trees and shrubs. Natural ponds are also located inside the campus. The campus has been designed on the concept of sustainable development with more eco-friendly initiatives planned for the future. Mr. Julian Smith, a Canadian Architect known internationally has designed the buildings in the campus.

           In keeping with the rural surroundings, the buildings have been built in the traditional style with verandahs and courtyards which provide ample natural ventilation and lighting inside the spacious classrooms. Adequate classrooms with computer laboratories along with a Multipurpose Resource Centre for seminars and conferences are available. The campus provides students a unique experience to get educated in sylvan and serene surroundings amidst the rural setting undisturbed by hustle and bustle of the city.

           As part of its social extension programme, the College has already established Community College at the satellite campus offering vocational courses to cater to the less privileged students who are not in a position to continue studies owing to multiple reasons. To further its commitment towards social responsibility, the College has started undergraduate courses now to cater to students of the rural as well as cities in its satellite campus. It is a boon to the rural students who prefer getting quality education in their own rural surroundings. Students from Madurai and other cities also have the privilege of studying in the tranquil and idyllic satellite campus. To and fro bus facility is available to the students of satellite campus on a nominal semester fee from the main campus of the College at Goripalayam.


     Well ventilated and spacious classrooms

     Fully equipped laboratories

     Experienced staff

     Sylvan and serene surrounding

     Bus Facility from Main Campus at Goripalayam

Eva M. Swift Hall

         The EvaM. Swift Hall, the new academic block started in the satellite campus, is named after the first woman missionary of the American Madura Mission who arrived in Madurai in1884. The block having three floors,houses 6 class rooms and staff rooms for undergraduate departments of English, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, a Physics laboratory, and a conference hall with a seating capacity of hundred members.


         Telfer Mook Hall is the residential building for men students in the satellite campus. It consists of two storeys with 22 rooms that can accommodate around 200 inmates.

          In addition, there are four hostels for men: Washburn Hall, Dudley Hall, Wallace Hall, and Zumbro Hall. There are two hostels for women: Women’s Hall and Noyes Garden in the main campus at Goripalayam. Separate application forms are available with the Bursar’s office for admission to hostels. The mess is run on the dividing system and boarding charges come around Rs.3000/- per month. At the end of every month the actual boarding charges will be divided among the members of the mess and the amount will be collected from the members before the 10th of the succeeding month.


Time Schedule: 9.30 A.M. to 2.45 P.M.

         B.A. Tamil

         B.A. English


         B.Com (CA)

         B.A. History




         B.Sc. Data Science

         B.Sc. Costume Design & Fashion


Fees Structure

ANNUAL FEES Courses I year Fee
B.A. Tamil 27205
B.A. English 37205
B.Com. 37705
B.Com. CA 39705
B.Sc. Mathematics 34205
B.Sc. Physics 36205
B.Sc. Computer Science 41705
B.Sc. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) 49705
B.C.A 41705
B.B.A 40205
B.Sc. Data Science 49705
BML 88605
 B.Sc. Bio – Technology 35955
 B.Sc. Costume Design & Fashion 40705
B.A. History 27205
Post Graduate
MBA ( Post Graduate ) 260755
M.Sc. Computer Science 70005
 M.Sc. Bio – Technology 41755

The details of the fee structure can be obtained at the time of admission :

               * Refundable deposit of Rs.1000/- will be collected during admission.

              * Rs.600 for I year & Rs.400/- for II year for English Textbook / HDVP Workbook /
                 Rs.250/- for Part I Textbooks / Rs.100/- for Insurance will be collected separately during admission.

Hostel Fee Structure

Hostel Fee per year Fee
Men’s Hostel 25600
Women’s Hostel 25600
Noyes Garden (Women’s Hostel) 44100
Co-Lodge 44100

*Refundable Deposit of Rs.5000/- will be collected during admission

*Please enquire with the Bursar’s Office for Hostel Application and other details

Transport Fee

      Rs.6500/ Rs.7000 per Semester


            The conduct of academic programmes is governed by the rules and regulations of The American College and Madurai Kamaraj University. Due care has been taken to ensure the exactitude of information. The American College reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend/change the terms, conditions and fees structure.


Principal & Secretary


Chatrappati, Madurai * Mobile: +91 9443471881 *