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Campus Trees

Crateva religiosa


Family:  Capparaceae

Common Names: Neermathalam, Mavulangam, Garlic Pear Tree

Flowering period: February-March.

Description :

  • Garlic Pear Tree, to 10 m high, bark surface grey, smooth, longitudinally wrinkled.
  • Leaves alternate, digitately trifoliate; leaflets unequal, ovate, margin entire. Flowers bisexual, creamy white, in terminal corymbs. Sepals 4, free, oblong, adnate to the lobed disc.
  • Petals 4, creamy white, often tinged with purple. Disc incurved, nectariferous. Stamens many, free, inserted at the base of gynophores.


  • Fruits edible, the juice from the bitter stem or root bark is used in decoction for stimulating the appetite or as a digestive, as a laxative against colic and as a febrifuge, the root bark is used to treat urolithiasis.
  • The fresh leaves are rubefacient and tonic, they are applied as a tonic and skin irritant against high fever.
  • Bark is used locally for carving and to make household utensils, drums and match sticks.