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Campus Trees

Cycas circinalis


 Family:  Cycadaceae

Common name: Queen Sago, false sago, fern palm

Flowering period: They do not flower but produce cones with exposed seeds.


  • The Queen Sago resembles a palm tree with its featherlike leaves arranged in a rosette that crowns a single trunk.
  • The queen sago’s solitary trunk can grow up to 20 ft tall in height, more than twice that of the sago palm. In older specimens stem may branch. The dark green pinnate leaves grow up to 8 ft long, with narrow foot long leaflets that curve gracefully downward.
  • It prefers dry or moist soil.


  • The pith is rich in carbohydrate and a sago can be made from it
  • The leaves are used for plaiting into mats. Pith is used for medicinal preparations. The mature male cones are used as insect repellents in the paddy fields.
  • Used in Ayurveda, Folk medicine, Siddha
  • Leaves harvested for decoration. Tender leaves are edible. Seeds are cooked and eaten after leaching.