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Campus Trees

Delonix regia


Family:  Caesalpiniaceae

Common Names: Poomaram, Gulmohar, Royal poinciana, Flame tree

Flowering Period: February – July



  • Gulmohar is a flamboyant tree in flower – some say the world’s most colourful tree. For several weeks in spring and summer it is covered with exuberant clusters of flame-red flowers, 4-5 in across.
  • Even up close the individual flowers are striking; they have four spoon shaped spreading scarlet or orange-red petals about 3 in long, and one upright slightly larger petal (the standard) which is marked with yellow and white.
  • Gulmohar gets 30-40 ft tall, but its elegant wide-spreading umbrella-like canopy can be wider than its height.
  • Gumohar is naturalized in India and is widely cultivated as a street tree.


  • It is used as an ornamental plant.
  • A leaf decoction presumably has anti-rheumatic effects.
  • In eastern Nigeria the leaves are used traditionally for treating pain.