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Campus Trees

Hibiscus tiliaceus


Family:  Malvaceae

Common name: Sea Hibiscus, Cotton Tree

Flowering Period: Throughout the year


  • Sea Hibiscus is an evergreen small, spreading tree to 25 ft high and nearly as wide.
  • The alternate leaves have long petioles and are heart shaped with pointed tips.
  • They are leathery, whitish and pubescent beneath, and 4-8 in long.
  • They are bright yellow with a deep red centre upon opening. Over the course of the day, the flowers deepen to orange and finally red before they fall.


  • Mature leaves used to treat fevers and coughs, leaf sap used as laxative or a lubricant for childbirth.
  • Flowers used to treat ear infections and abscesses.
  • Young leaves eaten as vegetable.
  • The wood has been used for seacraft construction, firewood, wood carving and many other uses.
  • Seeds used in ointments, perfumes and oils for hair.