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Campus Trees

Magnifera indica


Family:  Anacardiaceae

Common Names: Mango tree, Cuckoo’s joy

Flowering Period: January – May


  • The mango tree is erect, 30 to 100 ft high, with a broad, rounded canopy which may, with age, attain 100 to 125 ft in width, or a more upright, oval, relatively slender crown.
  • In deep soil, the taproot descends to a depth of 20 ft, the profuse, wide-spreading, feeder root system also sends down many anchor roots which penetrate for several feet.
  • Nearly evergreen, alternate leaves are borne mainly in rosettes at the tips of the branches and numerous twigs from which they droop like ribbons on slender petioles 1 to 4 in long.
  • There is great variation in the form, size, colour and quality of the fruits. They may be nearly round, oval, ovoid-oblong, or somewhat kidney-shaped, often with a break at the apex, and are usually more or less lop-sided.


  • Fruits edible, young leaves edible, essential oil yielding, timber yielding.
  • The leaves are astringent and odontalgic and produces a cooling effect and are used to treated fever and colds.