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Campus Trees

Pongamia pinnata


Family:  Fabaceae

Common Names: aciruntam, akirantam, alam, ilanchi, Indian beech tree, Pongam oil tree

Flowering Period: April – December


  • A fast-growing deciduous tree up to 20 metres tall that is thought to have originated in India and is found throughout Asia.
  • It is a deciduous tree that grows to about 15-25 meters in height with a large canopy that spreads equally wide.
  • The leaves are a soft, shiny burgundy in early summer and mature to a glossy, deep green as the season progresses.
  • Small clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers blossom on their branches throughout the year, maturing into brown seed pods.
  • The tree is well suited to intense heat and sunlight and its dense network of lateral roots, and its thick, long taproot make it drought tolerant.


  • A thick brownish oil can be extracted from the large seeds, and is used industrially and in medicine, notably for the treatment of rheumatism.
  • The leaves can be used to feed cows.
  • The bark is fibrous and can be used to make strings and ropes.