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Campus Trees

Sterculia foetida


Family:  Sterculiaceae

Common name:  Java Olive, Peon, Poon Tree, Wild Indian Almond

Flowering period: Appearing early in February.


  • Java Olive is a tall, straight tree. The grey bark is smooth, spotted with brown and faintly ridged.
  • The branches are whorled and usually horizontal, the numerous branchlets gracefully up-curved and crowded at the ends with large, palm-like leaves.
  • The flowers, appearing early in February, form at the knotty ends of the wrinkled old branchlets immediately beneath the new leaves and spread in drooping rays as much as one foot in length.
  • The reddish-green stems bear numerous short, branched stalks, each terminating in a crimson-brown flower.


  • The seeds are edible after toasting and taste like chestnuts.
  • They also contain an oil that is used medicinally.
  • The timber is used for making furniture and the bark for rope.