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Campus Trees

Thespesia populnea


Family:  Malvaceae

Common Names: Cilanti,Porasu, Bhendi tree, Bendy tree, Indian tulip tree, Portia tree.

Flowering Period: March-June


  • This is a good tree for small gardens. Indian tulip tree is an evergreen bushy tree.
  • It grows to 40 ft or more with a spread of 10–20 ft
  • It has heart-shaped leaves and cup-shaped yellow flowers that are produced intermittently throughout the year in warm climates.
  • Each flower has a maroon eye that ages to purple. The flowers are followed by apple-shaped fruit.


  • Young leaves eaten as vegetable. The unripe fruits are eaten raw, boiled or fried as a vegetable.
  • Ground up bark is used to treat skin diseases (India), dysentery and haemorrhoids.
  • Leaves are applied to inflamed and swollen joints (South India) When cut, the young fruit secretes a yellow sticky sap used to treat ringworm and other skin diseases (South India)
  • Roots are used as a tonic. There is some modern investigation of the plant’s effects on high blood pressure.