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Information Technology (IT) Policy at The American College, Madurai, TN, India

1.Technology Hardware Purchasing Policy

    • Computer hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer and its accessories. Internal hardware devices include motherboard, hard drives, and RAM while external hardware devices include monitors, keyboards, printers &scanners, portable systems, servers, Wi-fi towers.
    • The institution is guided by the extent to which the hardware technology is appropriate to the institutional needs, integration with other technology of the institution, and value for money. The policy ensures that there is a minimum diversity of hardware within the institution.

2.Policy for Procuring Software

    • All software includes open source, freeware, and pre-loaded or part of hardware bundle.
    • All software and freeware are compatible with the institution’s hardware and software systems.
    • The use of software is appropriate to all stakeholders of the institution. All of them must be appropriately registered with the supplier where there is a requirement.
    • All administrators, teachers, and students must receive training for all new software.

3.Bring Your Own Device Policy

    • The college acknowledges the importance of mobile technologies in improving learning, communication and productivity on the campus. All faculty and students are encouraged to connect their mobile and laptop to the institutional network and equipment.
    • Personal mobile and laptop devices can be used for the institutional purposes: admission, online classes, assessment, attendance, and uploading marks through institutional email id, GSuit, college website, internet access, and telephone calls.
    • Students cannot have access to social media and banned sites.

4.IT Security Policy

    • It is the institutional responsibility to ensure that all data back-ups are conducted and kept secure.
    • The institution does not compromise on protection and use of information technology assets and resources to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and assets.
    • Every stakeholder including 9000+ strong student community is provided unique registration number and password to access institutional technology and they are required to set password.

5.IT Administration Policy

    • Institution registers all software installed and the license information agreements, and renewal dates.
    • The entire website is maintained by the authorized service provider Winways.
    • Technology audit is carried out to ensure that all information technology policies are adhered to.

6.Website Policy

    • The institution has policies and guidelines for the maintenance of its website.
    • The website register document all details regarding the list of domain names registered to the institution, dates of renewal for domain names, list of hosting service providers, and expiry dates of hosting.
    • Institution is committed to website content being accurate, appropriate, transparent, and update.

7.Electronic Transactions Policy

    • Institution has switched over to e-governance from paper-based governance.
    • Use of electronic fund transfer and receipts are planned, carried out, and approved in a systematic and secure manner.
    • Admissions and CBCS implementation are done online.

8.IT Service Agreement Policy

    • Institution has entered into agreements with service providers and maintenance providers.
    • It includes provision of general IT services, of network hardware and software, repair & maintenance of IT equipment, wifi connectivity, internet-linked EPABX, website design and maintenance.