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National Cadet Corps(NCC)

The college has two wings of NCC – National Cadet Corps 7(TN) Army Battalion and National Cadet Corps 2(TN) Naval Unit.


  • To develop qualities of character, courage, Comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens.
  • To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life including Armed Forces and always available for the service of nation.
  • To create a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces




Lieut.Dr.J.Prince Army Wing Officer
Dr. H. Lourduraj Navel Wing Officers
Dr. T. Selvakumar Navel Wing Officers
Mr. G. Manuel Gunaraja Care Taker Navy Wing SF
Dr. T. Augustus Julian Lazmey Care Taker Air Wing SF