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Satellite campus

ANNUAL FEES Courses I year Fee
B.A. English 33955
B.Com. 34455
B.Com. CA 36455
B.Sc. Mathematics 30955
B.Sc. Physics 32955
B.Sc. Bio technology 32705
B.Sc. Computer Science 38455
B.B.A 36955
B.Sc. Data Science 46455
BML 85355
MBA ( Post Graduate ) 111755

The details of the fee structure can be obtained at the time of admission
* Refundable deposit of Rs.1000/- will be collected during admission
* Rs.600 for I year & Rs.400/- for II year for English Textbook / HDVP Workbook / Rs.250/- for Part I Textbooks / Rs.100/- for Insurance will be collected separately during admission
TRANSPORT FEE: Rs.6500/ Rs.7000 per Semester