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Bio-Technology – VISION & MISSION


The mandate of the course is to create responsible, wholesome individuals with thorough knowledge of the workings of biotechnology as a tool to manipulate the biological world in service of human beings and the world at large.


  • To illuminate the students to understand the concepts of the various disciplines required for academic excellence and research in biotechnology.
  • To give deeper knowledge of the role of biotechnology in the transformation of human health,disease,therapeutics,agriculture and environment.
  • To train them in state-of-the-art techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 and in silico molecular modelling and enable them to develop revolutionary products, processes and patents.
  • To create opportunities for placement in leading industries through internship and MoUs.
  • To enable them to take it as business model to find solutions for various human needs while being rooted in essence of ethical and environmental awareness. 

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