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Campus Trees

Acacia leucophloea


Family: Mimosaceae

Common name:  White Bark Acacia, Brewer’s Acacia

Flowering period: July-November

 Description :

  • This tree grows about 25 m seen in deciduous forests, nearly white bark with pale brown inner side.
  • Leaves- bipinnate, compound leaves 3-4 cm long, glabrous, leaflets are oblong and obtuse.
  • Flower: large terminal tomentose panicles.
  • Fruits: pod,sessile, thin and flat.


  • The germinated seeds are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. They contain crude protein 27 % dry matter.
  • The seeds are a rich source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and manganese.
  • The leaves of it has antimicrobial property.
  • The tree is suitable as a firebreak due to its fire resistance.