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Campus Trees

Adansonia digitata


Family : Malvaceae

Common Names:  Baobab, Monkey Bread tree..

Flowering period:October to December


Description :

  • Adansoniadigitata are large deciduous trees with a large thick trunk (possibly the thickest in the world) that is thick-boled (bottle-shaped) reach a diameter of 10-14 m (33-46 ft).
  • Baobabs flowers in mid winter with large, pendulous, heavy white flowers with a very large number of purple stamens.
  • Can grow in nutritionally poor soil.

 Uses :

  • An edible white, powdery, dry pulp found in the fully ripe fruit is very rich in vitamin C and B2 and makes a refreshing drink . The drink is said to taste like lemonade.
  • The wood can be used as a salt substitute.
  • The leaves are hyposensitive and antihistamine. They are used to treat kidney and bladder diseases, asthma, general fatigue, diarrhoea, insect bites, and guinea worm.