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Campus Trees

Bauhinia purpurea



Common name: Purple Orchid Tree, Butterfly tree,Nilattiruvatti.

Flowering period: September to November




  • Purple Orchid Tree is a small to medium size deciduoustree growing to 17 feet tall.
  • The Leaves are (10–20 cm) long and broad, rounded, and bilobed at the base, alternate and apex.
  • The flowers are conspicuous, pink, and fragrant, with five petals. The fruit is a pod (30 cm) long, containing 12 to 16 seeds.


  • The young leaves and flowers are edible.  The leaves have a citrusy and sour taste and are used as a souring agent.
  • The flowers are also used in pickles and curries.
  • In Indian traditional medicine, the leaves are used to treat coughs while the bark is used for glandular diseases and as an antidote for poisons.