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Campus Trees

Caesalpinia coriaria



Common Names: American sumac, Dividivi plant, ,dividivithumma

Flowering Period: September-March







  • Divi-divi is a leguminous tree or large shrub.
  • It grows up to 30 ft tall, often much less. Its shape is very contorted in its native exposed coastal sites.
  • In other environments it grows into a low dome shape with a clear sub canopy space.
  • Leaves are double-compound, with 5-10 pairs of side-stalks, each with 15-25 pairs of leaflets. The individual leaflets are 7 mm long and 2 mm broad.


  • The pods provide tannin and a black dye used in the tanning industry and for ink.
  • The pods also have medicinal properties.
  • The hard, dark coloured wood is used for carpentry.