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Campus Trees

Caryota urens


Family:  Areacaeae

Common Names: Kontalpanai, Elephant’s palm, Jaggery Palm, Fishtail Palm.

Flowering Period: January – April .







Description :

Ø  Jaggery Palm is a fast-growing feather palm that makes a beautiful addition to the landscape.

Ø  It is a flowering tree up to 12 m tall and 30 cm wide. It has bipinnate green leaves, white unisexual flowers that form into pendent clusters, and red round fruits.


Ø   It has a Gray trunk that is covered by regularly spaced leaf scar rings. Toddy palm has a leaf shape that resembles the lower fin of a fish.

Uses :

  • A primary product of the plant in rural communities is the sugar substitute called kitul honey or jaggary obtained from the juice from the flowers.
  • A starch obtained from the stems is used to make sago.
  • A porridge prepared from the seed flour is prescribed by local physicians to treat gastric ulcers, migraine headaches, snake-bite poisoning and rheumatic swellings.