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Campus Trees

Cordia obliqua


 Family:  Boraginaceae

Common name: Naruvili, Virisu, Clammy Cherry

Flowering: March-August




  • Clammy Cherry is a medium sized deciduous tree, about 10 m high, the girth of trunk of a full bearing tree being 75.5 cm, branchlets hairless, wood soft, light grey, no heartwood.
  • Leaves are alternate, entire to slightly toothed and hairless, but may be more or less rough when full grown, variable in shape, from elliptic-lance shaped to broad ovate, often with a rounded or heart-shaped base, basal nerves 3, rarely 5, blade, leaf-stalks 2.5-5 cm long.
  • The inflorescence is at branch-ends or an in leaf-axils cyme, which almost resembling to a biparous cyme. It has 14 flowers per cluster. Fruit is a drupe, 1.3-2.5 cm long.


  • The fruits are edible and used as pickle.
  • The mucilaginous substance of the fruit can be used as a gum for pasting sheets of paper and cardboard.