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Campus Trees

Couroupita guianensis


Family:  Lecythidaceae

Common Names: Nagalingamaram, Cannon ball tree, Brazil nut, Paradise nut

Flowering Period: January – October


  • This large deciduous tropical tree, 75′ tall and indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is listed as a rare tree and flower in India.
  • The leaves, up to 6″ long, are simple with serrate margin; it flowers in racemes which iscauliflorus; the yellow, reddish and pink flowers are stunning fragrant.
  • In Tamil Nadu, it is called Nagalingam flower. The sivalingam shape is visible at the center of the flower and snake shaped pollen is the specialty of this flower and it has very good fragrance. This rare flower can be used for Shiva Pooja.


  • Hard shells of fruits used to make containers and utensils. Fragrant flowers used to scent perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Soft, light-coloured wood utilized to make furniture.
  • Extracts from tree’s tissues have antiseptic and antifungal properties, used to treat malaria.