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Campus Trees

Delonix elata


Family:  Caesalpiniaceae

Common name: ,Vadanarayanan, Varatti, White Gulmohar

Flowering period: Throughout the year.



  • White Gulmohar is an erect tree, 6-10 m tall, with ash-coloured bark. Leaves are 6-20 cm long, double compound, like Gulmohar. Sidestalks are 4-8 pairs, 4-6 cm long, leaflets are l0-20 pairs, stalkless, linear- oblong, blunt, sometimes with slight point at the tip, narrowed towards the base, 7-15 mm long, 2-3 mm wide.
  • Flowers are borne in racemes at the end of branches, the lower flower with the longest stalk, stalks hairy, up to 2.5-3 cm long.
  • Flowers are white in the beginning, turning yellow, the upper petal is smaller and darker in colour.


  • Wood is traditionally used for tool handles, grain mortars, beer containers, milk pots, beehives, clogs, wooden spoons and cups and is also suitable for cabinet work, carvings and utensils.
  • The wood is used for fuel.
  • The leaves are anti-inflammatory. The twigs are chewed and swallowed as a treatment for mouth ulcers.