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Campus Trees

Erythrina variegata


Family:  Fabaceae

Common Names:Mullumurukku, Indian coral tree.

Flowering Period: March-April


  • Indian Coral Tree is a showy, spreading tree legume with brilliant red blossoms. This highly valued ornamental has been described as one of the gems of the floral world.
  • It is a broad and spreading, deciduous tree that can get 60-80 ft tall and spread 20-40 ft It has many stout branches that are armed with black tiger’s claw spines. There are curved spines (really more like prickles) on the long leaf stalks too.
  • The leaves are compound, with three diamond shaped leaflets, each about 6 in long. Before the leaves come out in late winter or early spring, coral tree puts on a spectacular show with bright crimson flowers 2-3 in long in dense terminal clusters. It may flower a little during the summer, too.


  • Erythrinavariegata is an ornamental tree.
  • The young, tender leaves and young sprouts are eaten as a vegetable.
  • A decoction of the bark and leaves is used to treat dysentery.
  • The dried, powdered leaves are applied topically to treat wounds and ulcers.