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Campus Trees

Eucalyptus globulus


Family:  Myrtaceae

Common name: Tasmamian Blue Gum

Flowering period: December to May


  • Eucalyptus globulusis an aromatic tree. Commonly attains a height of 150-180 ft. It has a straight trunk up to two-thirds of its total height and a well-developed crown.
  • Leaves are glossy, dark green, thick and leathery. They average in length from (15-20 cm). The leaves of the young shoots are ovate, opposite, and horizontal. They are covered with a grey, waxy bloom which is much thicker on the bottom surface of the leaf.
  • Solitary white flowers with many stamens, arise from the axils on flattened
  • The fruit is a hard, woody globose capsule. Seeds are dark brown with a brownish red chaff.


  • It has poor lumberqualities due to growth stress problems, but can be used in construction, fence posts and poles.
  • The leaves are used in the production of oil. The oil has therapeutic, perfumery, flavouring, antimicrobial and biopesticide properties.
  • Tasmanian blue gum leaves are used as herbal tea.