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Campus Trees

Hardwickia binata


Family:  Caesalpiniaceae

Common name:Anjan, Acha

Flowering period: August–September


  • Anjan is a medium or large deciduous ornamental tree. It is a native of India. Graceful, drooping slender branches; crown conical in early life, becoming broader later.
  • Bark of saplings almost silvery white and smooth, gradually changing as the tree gets older to dark grey and rough with irregular vertical cracks, 1.2-2.5 cm thick, exfoliating in narrow flakes.
  • Leaves small, 2-6 cm long by 2-3 cm wide, alternate, pinnate, almost kidney shaped and greyish green.
  • Flowers small, pale yellowish green in axillary and terminal lax panicled racemes. The pod flat and samaroid,, oblong lanceolate, coriaceous, narrowed at both ends, with parallel longitudinal veins, containing 1 seed near the apex.


  • The bark of the tree is used for making ropes.
  • The timber obtained from Hardwickiabinata is used for making agricultural equipment like cartwheels, oil mills, pestles and ploughs.
  • The leaves, succulent stems and twigs serve as fodder for livestock.
  • Oleo-resin extracted from the heart wood is used in manufacture of varnishes