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Campus Trees

Lannea coromandelica


Family:  Anacardiaceae

Common Names: Indian Ash Tree, Moya, Wodier

Flowering Period: January – May


  • Indian Ash Tree is a deciduous tree, growing up to 14 m tall. Branchlets are minutely covered with starry hairs.
  • Alternately arranged leaves are pinnate, with a single terminal leaflet (pinnae) at the end. The spine carrying the leaflets is up to 7 cm long.
  • Leaflets are usually 5, each lateral opposite, ovate, base rounded, densely velvet-hairy when young.
  • Flowers are unisexual, greenish, the male in compound and female in simple racemes.
  • Fruit is ovoid, compressed, in panicles, at the end of leafless branches.


  • Young leaves and sprouts – raw or cooked.
  • The gum obtained from the trunk is often used in confectionery.
  • The powdered bark is used as a flavouring. The bark and the leaves are used as medicine. The bark contains tannins. It is used for the impregnation of fishnets.
  • The wood is moderately hard, close-grained. It is used for spear shafts, scabbards, wheel-spokes, oil presses, grain pounders etc.