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Campus Trees

Malpighia glabra


 Family:  Malpighiaceae

Common name: Barbados Cherry, Wild Crapemyrtle, Acerola

Flowering period: April to October


  • The Barbados cherry is a shrub or small tree that grows up to 15 feet tall with wide spread branches and evergreen oval leaves.
  • The leaves are evergreen, simple, 0.5-15 cm long, with an entire, wavy margin.
  • The flowers are solitary or in umbels of two to several together, each flower 1-2 cm diameter, with five pink or white petals.
  • The fruit is a red, orange or purple drupe, containing 2-3 hard seeds. It is sweet and juicy, and very rich in vitamin C, up to 65 times that of an orange.


  • Eaten fresh or as flavouring for drinks.
  • Commonly used in parts of South America to flavour ice creams, drinks, and cocktails.
  • The leaves are used against dysentery and diarrhoea.
  • Also used for liver ailments; fruit used against the common cold.