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Campus Trees

Manikara zapota


Family:  Sapotaceae

Common Names: Sapota, Naseberry, Chiku

Flowering Period: February – June


  • Manilkarazapotaasmall, evergreen tree having a crown of branches with milky latex in young parts.
  • Leaves elliptic-lanceolate, smooth shining, dark green above and pale beneath arranged almost in whorl manner at the apex of branches.
  • Flowers pale yellow, clustered at the apex of branches.
  • Fruit a berry, globose, rusty and sweet scented when ripe.


  • Fruits are edible.
  • Young fruits. high tannin content, boiled and decotion drunk to treat diarhhea. Seed paste applied to bite and sting wounds due to poisonous animals.
  • Young leaf shoots washed to remove sap and eaten raw or with rice in Indonesia. Gummy latex used in tropics to fill dental cavities or make figurines.
  • Wood strong and durable, used to make beams and furniture. Gummy latex tapped from trunk during rainy season (latex flows better) for making chewing gum and adhesives.