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Campus Trees

Moringa oleifera


Family:  Moringaceae

Common Names: Drumstick tree, Ben oil tree

Flowering Period: November – March


  • Drumstick tree is a small, deciduous tree, of thefamily Moringaceae, native to tropical Asia.
  • Drumstick trees can reach a height of about 9 m (30 feet); they have corky gray bark, branching and fernlike leaves. Highly scented white flowers and long bean like seed pods. Seed pods are used as a vegetable, especially in south Indian cuisine, e.g., drumstick sambar.
  • An excellent oil is derived from the seeds, which is used for cooking and lubrication of delicate mechanisms. The leaves are extensively used as a vegetable in many parts of the world, and the root can be made into a condiment similar to horseradish.


  • Edible Plant parts ( fruit, leaves, seed )
  • Leaves and root bark have numerous folk medicinal uses
  • Mature seeds contain about 25% oil that does not turn rancid.
  • Used for cooking, lubrication and perfumery purposes.
  • Seed are also pounded and used to purify dirty or cloudy drinking water.