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Campus Trees

Parkia biglandulosa


Family:  Mimosaceae

Common names: African locust bean

Flowering period: December to April


  • African locust bean is a deciduous tree with a dense, wide, spreading and umbrella-shaped crown consisting of heavy branches
  • It can grow from 7 – 20 metres, with exceptional specimens to 30 metres.
  • The usually straight and cylindrical bole is often short, with branches produced low down; it can be up to 130cm in diameter.
  • A taproot is often present, with lateral roots spreading up to 10 metres, occasionally 20 metres, from the bole.


  • The pods contain a sweet, yellow, farinaceous pulp surrounding the seeds.
  • This pulp can be eaten fresh or made into sweetmeats and drinks.
  • Young pods are sometimes roasted on embers and eaten. Young flower buds are added to mixed salads.
  • The bark is used as a mouthwash, vapour inhalant for toothache, or for ear complaints. eaves are used in lotions for sore eyes, burns, haemorrhoids and toothache.