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Campus Trees

Peltophorum pterocarpum


Family:  Caesalpiniaceae

Common name:  Perungondrai, Copper pod

Flowering period: March-May and September-November


  • Copper pod is sometime also called yellow flame tree, because of the resemblance of its fern-like leaves to that of Gulmohar.
  • It is a very handsome tree with its spreading crown of many branches consisting of feathery mimosa like leaves and abundance of bright yellow blooms.
  • When the copper-red seedpods cover the tree in profusion it is a wonderful sight.
  • Thus, the tree is much cultivated as an ornamental.


  • The elegant yellow flowers of Peltophorumpterocarpum makes it an ornamental tree.
  • Peltophorumpterocarpum provides wonderful shades. It is also very suitable to be a street tree, however regular pruning is required.
  • It is used for fodder.
  • The bark can also be used as dyes as it contains tannins, giving a light-yellow colour to leather.