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Campus Trees

Phoenix sylvestris


Family:  Areaceae

Common name: ,Icham, Wild Date Palm, date-sugar palm, Indian wild date

Flowering period: January – March


  • Wild Date Palm is the wild cousin of the better-known Date Palm. It looks the same in almost every way, but shorter height at maturity.
  • It varies from 4 to 8 m in height and 40 cm in diameter.
  • The leaves are 3 m long, gently recurved, on 1 m petioles with spines near the base.
  • The leaf crown grows to 10 m wide and 7.5-10 m tall containing up to 100 leaves.
  • The inflorescence grows to 1 metre with white, unisexual flowers forming to a large, pendent infructescence.
  • The single-seeded fruit ripens to a purple red colour and is eaten in India.


  • The fruits are edible, and it taste sweet.
  • The fresh sap from the cut flower buds is fermented into toddy (alcoholic drink) or boiled to make palm jaggery (whole cane sugar).