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Campus Trees

Pterocarpus santalinus


Family:  Fabaceae

Common Names: SanthanaVengai, SivappuSanthanam, Red sanders, Red sandalwood, Ruby wood

Flowering Period: September – January


  • Pterocarpussantalinus, a small to medium-sized, deciduous tree with bark blackish brown, yielding a deep red latex when cut; heartwood extremely hard, dark purple.
  • Leaves usually imparipinnate, broadly ovate.
  • Flowers yellow, borne a few together in simple or sparingly branched racemes; calyx teeth minute, deltoid.
  • Fruit is a pod.


  • The heartwood is ground to a powder and used as a red food colouring in a range of foods, but especially in commercial spice blends and sauces.
  • The wood, used in the form of a powder or chips, is anti-inflammatory, astringent and tonic.
  • A paste of the wood is brewed as a tea in the treatment of chronic dysentery and is used to make a treatment for diabetes and as a boost for the immune system.
  • The wood is an ingredient of many medicinal oils and pharmaceutical preparations in India.