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Campus Trees

Sapindus emarginatus


Family:  Sapindaceae

Common name: Ponnankottai, Manipunganmaram, Poovandikottai,Notched Leaf Soapnut

Flowering period: October-December


  • Notched Leaf Soapnut is a medium to large size deciduous tree growing up to 18 m tall, with a 1.5 m trunk girth.
  • Bark is grey, shiny, covered with rough falling scales. Leaves are pinnate, 12-30 cm long.
  • Leaflets are 2-3 pairs, lance-shaped, elliptic or oblong, long pointed or with a notched tip, dull above.
  • Flowers are white, polygamous, male flowers, numerous, a few bisexual, both found in the same rusty-velvety panicles.
  • Bisexual flowers provide ample pollen and nectar to bees. Fruits are fleshy, 2-3 partially united, seeds pea-size, enclosed in a blackish, hard endocarp.


  • Fruits possess several medicinal properties and are widely used for example in the treatment of asthma, colic and dysentery, and during childbirth.