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Campus Trees

Tecoma stans


Family:  Bignoniaceae

Common Names: Yellow bells, Trumpet flower

Flowering Period: Throughout the year


  • The flowers are bright yellow in colour, 2 inches long with trumpet shape and hang in showy clusters at the branch tips and forks, bending the twigs into arches with their weight, hence the name Yellow Bells.

  • It has a very long flowering season, from early summer to late fall. This is a shrub or small tree that reaches 15-20 feet in height and can be pruned heavily after flowering to keep it compact.

  • The fruit on is a “bean type” capsule about 8 inches long that ripens to a chocolate brown colour.


  • It is used as an Ornamental plant.
  • Roots are reported to be diuretic, tonic, anti-syphilitic and vermifuge.
  • Decoction of flowers and bark are used for stomach pains.