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Campus Trees

Tectona grandis


Family:  Verbenaceae

Common Names: , Teak, Indian Oak

Flowering Period: May – January


  • A very popular timber tree, teak is native to India and Burma to Java
  • . It is a deciduous tree attaining a very large size. However, in cities it might be seen on the roadside as a medium sized tree with large leaves.
  • Teak is considered a good quality wood for furniture. Leaves of the tree are opposite, 30-60 cm long and 15-30 cm broad.
  • The flowers come in large numbers in lax clusters at the end of branches. They are white and rather small – about 6 mm across.
  • The fruit is about 15 mm across, spongy, enclosed in the persistent calyx. Flowers appear in monsoon; fruit ripens in winter.


  • Teak timber is prized for its lustre and resistance to termites and other insect pests.
  • It is used for outdoor furniture, parquet flooring, beams, ship building, cabinet work etc.
  • The leaves also produce a dye which can be used for dyeing cotton and wool.