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Campus Trees

Terminalia catapa


Family:  Combretaceae

Common Names: Nattuvadumai, Vadumai,Badam, Indian almond tree, Java almond

Flowering Period: March – January


  • Indian almonds are spreading trees with large, leathery, oval leaves which turn red before they fall.
  • The tree has a distinctive shape, its horizontal branches growing in wide spreading circles at different levels on the trunk.
  • The greenish – white female – and male flowers are on the same tree; these flowers are inconspicuous and not very showy.
  • The pale green fruit is the size and shape of an almond in its shell. Some varieties become reddish-purple when ripe.
  • The nuts are edible, taste like almonds and are eaten.


  • A highly ornamental tree, much planted in avenues and gardens.
  • Fruits are edible.
  • The leaves and bark are used in tanning and dyeing.