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Horticulture- Propel Force of Agriculture

 As a branch of agriculture, horticulture deals with the art, science, technology and business of plant cultivation. The department of horticulture started in the year 2020 to bestow agriculture by providing hands on training of both conventional and advance horticultural techniques.

To Armour planet blue with Greens

The course includes the techniques involved in the cultivation techniques  processing and management of  fruits,vegetables,nuts,seeds,herbs,sprouts,mushrooms,algae,flowers,seaweeds and non-food crops such as grass, ornamental trees and plants.

The curriculum is designed in such a way to conserve plants, restoration of landscape garden  it also gives an insight on role of horticulture in protecting the environment and development of rural economy in improving the livelihoods by increasing farmer profits and diversifying nutrient-rich diets. It also gives an idea about technological innovations and research capacity.

 The department is holding 5 MOU’s with reputed companies and NGO’s, a well-established lab, equipments for field work, garden facility propagation unit, vast work space both in main and satellite campus provides good ambience to students in the learning process.

Entrepreneurial Venture

A hands-on training in vermicomposting, mushroom cultivation, bio fertilizer formulation and integrated farming techniques and internships with reputed companies are provided, field trips are also arranged to tap the entrepreneurial venture.

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