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acmdu1881@americancollege.edu.in 0452-2530070
acmdu1881@americancollege.edu.in 0452-2530070

Horticulture – Activities

Industrial Visit &Field visit

Name of the institution/company


Date Gallery
Field visit -Kodaikanal Botanical Garden& Horticulture Unit 10.3.2023
Visit to Vivek Nursery and garden-Kodimangalam 3.3.2023
Visit to Agri Expo-SRM College of Agricultural Science 24.02.2023
The American College, Satellite Campus,Chathrapatty 02.12.2021
The American College,Satellite Campus,Chathrapatty 24.11.2021


Farm Visit,Kanjarankulam,Madurai 31.3.2021
Sri Marutham Agro Biotech




Title of the internship Name of the institution/organization Date Gallery
Formulation of Bio fertilizers Dr.A. Balamurugan ,
Department of Botany,The American College
Internship on Vermi composting Dr.Sivaruban thambiraman

Department of Zoology

Organic Terrace Kitchen Gardening Ms.Lavanya

Vaan Mugil Nursery

Techniques in Oyster mushroom cultivation Mr.Hariharamoorthi


Mushroom Cultivation Dr.R.Govindaraj,
Sri MaruthamAgro Biotech
Integrated Farming Mr.Nachiyappan,





Name of the Resource person Date Gallery
Kitchen Garden Techniques-Ms.Lavanya,Vaan Mugil Nursery,Madurai 30.09.2022  
Native Gardening-Mr.Karthikeyan,Individual Scholar,Madurai 25.5.2022
Organic World-Dr.S.GanesanMD,Calypso Fertilizers,Melur 18.5.2022
Conservation of Native Trees-Mr.Ahil Raja Sekhar,Friends of Madurai 8.04.2022
Biofertilizers for Plantation Crops-Dr.A.Balamurugan,Assistant Professor,Department of Botany 02.04.2022
Organic Terrace Gardening-Mr.S.Nambirajan-Menaka Naturals & Agri Clinic 7.10.2021
Horticultural Techniques-


Assistant Horticulture Officer,



Student Activities

Activities No. of Students Gallery
Bee keeping 38


Techniques-Pot Preparation 38
Collection of Seedlings on Campus -Monsoon 38
Lay out of Nursery & Garden 59
Mushroom cultivation Techniques  
Nursery Techniques 57
Construction & Designing of Indoor And Terrace Garden 57
Mushroom Recipe -Preparation 59
Soil analysis 38
Christmas Celebrations 38  
Pongal Celebrations 45  

1.Pot preparation techniques

Students were given hands on training to prepare the pot mixture for propagation of plants.The ratio of soil includes 1:2:1 ,Sandy soil:Red Soil:Garden loam soil proportionally.

2.Collection of Seedlings on campus during Monsoon

As a method of conservation and propagation students collected sapplings rare trees inside the campus and replanted in our nursery unit.

3.Lay out of Nursery and Gardens

Students undergone practical activity in designing various types ofs garden,Terrace garden,Wall garden,Water garden Nursery ,Botanical Garden ,etc with all its components and demonstrate the significances.

4.Mushroom Cultivation

As a part of our curriculum students used to cultivate mushrooms in our mushroom unit periodically during the Odd semester period.

5.Nursery techniques

Different types of propagation methods have been taught to the students in conserving exotic species and mass production of ornamental flowers through vegetative propagation such as Layering,Cutting,Budding,etc.

6.Construction of Terrace& Indoor Gardens-Live Demonstrations

The modern horticulture techniques include terrace garden as one of the component to encourage  growing organic kitchen garden in their own terrace.Students were trained to be a consultant for Indoor gardening in homes,industries various institutions and government offices to facilitate a clean and pleasant environment.

7.Mushroom Recipe Preparation

Students cultivated oyster and milky mushrooms in the unit and harvested the fruiting bodies ,prepared different recipes.

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