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Laboratory infrastructure the department:

                The Medical Laboratory Technology department has a well-equipped laboratory with two labs. We have a Microtome for training students in histopathology in addition to all the chemicals required for making stained biopsy specimens. In addition to the microtome, our lab is also equipped with several photocolorimeters, microscopes, centrifuges for training students in serology and haemotology. In addition to that, we have several instruments like PCR (for diagnosing diseases) in the American College Central Instrumentation Centre (ACCIC).

Classroom infrastructure in the department:

                The department has five well furnished and ventilated classrooms for our students to learn in an ambient environment. The classrooms are in the Binghamton Hall. Additional classrooms in the John X Miller Hall are available for students to attend to language classes. For learning computer skills, students make use of the several computer facilities within the campus.

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Medical Laboratory Technology

Madurai – 625002,
Tamilnadu India.

0452 – 2530070,

0452 – 2530973 – (Ext) 314

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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