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Life Skills 2021 - 2022

Life Skills 2020 - 2021

Neurophysiology Of COVID
Focus On The Good
Wellness Practices Adopted By Corporates
Challenges In Families During Lock Down
Holistic Wellness
Neurophysiology Of COVID
Mental Health And Stress Handling
Holistic Wellness In The Midst Of A Pandemic
Applications Of Child Neuropsychology
Children’s Mental Health
Optimism – An Overview
Psychological Impact Of Traditional Games
Emotion And Stress
Optimism – Strategies
Optimism – Approaches And Models
Optimism – Importance & Benefits
Optimising Mental Health
Grief Counselling And Therapy
Covid Anxiety Management
Emotional Pain Management
Detox – The Time Is NOW
Postpartum Depression And Its Impact On Mother, Infant And Family
Importance Of Health And Wellness Of Life Science Researchers
Spiritual Wellbeing
IKIGAI- The Japanese Secret To A Happy And Long Life
Chronic Pain – A Mind Body Perspective
Understanding Inclusion In Schools
Mental Health For Classroom Learning : Navigating Problems At School”
Effect Of Life Skills Education On Student’s Mental Health
CBT For OCD- A Clinical Case Presentation
Mental Health Challenges Of Adolescence: A Psycho-Educational Point Of View
Postpartum Depression
Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Learning & Education
Nurturing Resilience In Children
Wholistic Wellness
Happiness Is Our’s Right
Stress Management For Better Mental Health
Protocol Of Psychologist At Mental Health Services
Mental Health Of Young People
Multiple Intelligence
Mental Health Interventions In Schools
Positive Engagement
Psych-Socio Aspects Of Stress, Gender And Well-Being
Functions Of Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre
Alcohol Addiction
Classroom Management Tenets For Stirring Psychological Wellbeing And Human Values
Pollution And Mental Health
Innocence To Inner Sense On Women’s Mental Health
Stress Management For Health Professionals
Self – Discipline
Find Your Memory Personality – The 12 Secret Languages
Anxiety Management
Stress Management – Nature Therapy
Life Skill For Positive Living
Stress Management -Catharsis
Stress Management – Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
Healthy Marriage Vs Empty-Shell Marriages
Complementary Therapies
Stress Management
Post Lockdown Managing Time And Self
Attitude Can Be Restructured
Emotional Intelligence Strategies
Employee Wellness At Workplace
Mind Management
Managing Conflict In Relationships
Love Failure
Helping Yourself To Release Stress
Self Control
Cognitive Fallacies
Parenting For Next Generation
Art Of Positive Parenting
Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone
Healing Within To Bloom
Believe In You
Mindfulness And Positive Emotions
Hope And Resilience
Parental Approach Towards Relationship Among Adolescents
Goal Setting
Healthy Boundaries In Profession And Social Life
Learning And Development In Early Childhood Education
Art Of Parenting
Resilience In Children
The Art Of Parenting And Well Being
Positive Attitude: Making A Difference
Building Resilience
Making Another World Possible -Colouring Your Self
Yoga For Combating Climacteric Symptoms
Art Of Parenting
Parents To Partners – A Role Change
Cognitive Fallacies
Setting Boundaries In All Life Roles
Self Confidence
Self Confidence
Media And Emotional Intelligence
Building Character In The Classroom
Disaster Impact On Children And Mental Health
Psychosocial Support For Nicu Parents
Strategies For Better Communication
‘Self’ And Recreating ‘Self’
Positive Parenting
Emotional Intelligence
Happiness And Wellbeing
How To Enhance Your Personality With 3 Strategies?
Anger Management Strategies For Kids
Physiology Of Meditation
Stress Management
Evolutionary Psychology
No Structure No Content Little Bit Of Chat And Magic If Possible
Opportunities In E-Learning Industry
Time Management – A Way To Combat Stress
Middle East Labour Migrants – I/O Psychological Perspective
Behaviour Management In Organisations
Harmony In Family
Building Better Relationship In Our Life
Anxiety Management
Anger Management Part -2
Anger Management
Dementia – Intervention Strategies
The Fittest Survives
Learning Disability
Grounded Optimism And Optimistic Skills For Children
Dementia – A Road Without Signal
Self Compassion
Mental Health = Physical Health: To Brighten Up Yourself
Kindness- A Key To Wellness
Mental Health And Intentional And Unintentional Nature Therapy
Gift Of Emotions
Parenting For Special Needs Children
Deconstruction And Psychology
Secret Of Life Sustainability
Psychology Of Exercise Behaviour
Mindful Work-Life Integration
Forgiving Oneself And Others
Cognitive Competencies And Psychological Well-Being
Mental Health Of Immigrant Workers
Stress Management Through Lifestyle
Stress Management
Learning Disabilities
Love Language
Emotional Intelligence And Ways To Improve It
Role Of CBR And Peer Support In Mental Health
Counseling Protocols
Nature Of Your Unconscious Mind
Introduction To Psychological First Aid
Food Is Fuel Not Therapy
School Bullying – Nature And Consequences
Need For Counseling In Residential Schools And Orphanages
Self Care
Men And Mental Health
Lasting Happiness
Delinquency: The Problem And Its Prevention
Success Is A Journey
Stress Management And Resilience
School Psychology
Nutrition And Immunity
Phobia And Intervention
Nature And Wellness
Money Anxiety Disorder
Fertility Counseling
Self As A Tool For Change
Infertility Counseling
Anger Management
Success Is A Journey
Strategies For Self Awareness And Social Awareness
Let’s Open The Key To Child’s World: Play Therapy
Child Rights And DRR
Adolescents And Autonomy
Importance Of Relationship Enhancement Counseling
A Road Map To Memory – Part 2 (Neurotransmitter Perspective)
A ROAD MAP TO MEMORY – PART 3 (Strategies And Techniques)
A Road Map To Memory
Roy’s Adaptation Model – An Overview
Mental Health For All : A Journey
Mend It, Don’t End It
Coping Strategies
Mindfully Mind Your Mind
Virtual Learning Anxiety
Emotional Intelligence
A Dose Of Happiness
Rethinking How To Heal Depression
Change Of Behaviour Through Values And Beliefs
Being Optimistic – A Different Perspective Thought
Screen Less Time
Feminist Therapy
How To Convert a Negative Environment Into Positive?
Happiness Quotient
Sensory Processing Disorders

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