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American College Journal of English Language and Literature (ACJELL) encourages contributors to make original contributions to four prominent areas of teaching humanities: English language teaching, literatures in English, cultural studies, and literary theories.

Our prime motive is to create a research culture of writing original, qualitative and quantitative research articles among teachers and scholars and to sustain that interest through out their teaching career. We believe that every teacher is basically a researcher and not a mere recycler, producer of knowledge and not an idle consumer of the same. We are of the view that unless teachers are active researchers, there is no scope for their students to become researchers.

ACJELL provides the much-needed platform for the stakeholders to practice the globally accepted research conventions in the conduct of research and documentation of their findings. It is therefore flexible to the extent that they can adopt any style sheet that suits their research. It can be MLA or APA or European or Harvard Style Sheet. It encourages researchers to be consistent.

It also aims at encouraging students and scholars to fine tune their academic writing skills. The three hour university examination question paper does not facilitate students to think creatively and critically, to analyse the issues, to apply innovative methods, and to evaluate the issue implicit in the question. Ideally speaking, students and scholars should develop these higher order skills to create something new and alternative. On the other hand, the present system of testing heavily demands memory skills of recalling and recording faithfully to the text, to the teacher, and to the classroom talk as much as possible. Against this educational hazard, the ACJELL intends to encourage and recognize the academic writing skills of both scholars and students, and experienced and novice teachers who are new to research writing.

We intend ACJELL to go online at the earliest with a view to facilitating the contributors and contributions to achieve impact factor and h-index and other such citation recognition and value.

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