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Ethics Policy

  1. The Editorial Board trust peer reviewers to provide fair assessments.
  2. Authors trust editors to choose appropriate peer reviewers on the basis of their expertise.
  3. Readers trust the peer reviewers in their peer review process.
  4. Papers should be original.
  5. Plagiarism is unethical and illegal.
  6. Quotes and paraphrase of others’ ideas should be duly acknowledged.
  7. Duplicate publication is an academic offence.
  8. All articles shall be subjected to plagiarism check on the UGC recommended software URKUND installed at the Madurai Kamaraj University library.
  9. Any article that exceeds the said limit shall be duly rejected.
  10. Timeliness of publication is emphasized.
  11. The publisher and the author have a right to protect intellectual property.
  12. Authors are entitled to expect that peer reviewers do not use their
    research ideas prior to publication in the guise of rejection of the article.
  13. The Editorial Board protects peer reviewers from authors by not
    disclosing the peer reviewers’ identities.
  14. The Journal promotes research integrity.
  15. The author has the right to incorporate the suggestions/comments from
    the peer reviewers.

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