Post graduate entrance examination dates:

  • Physics entrance examination on 23.05.2022
  • Mathematics entrance examination on 28.05.2022
  • Chemistry entrance examination on 04.06.2022

End-of-Semester Examination – April 2022 Exam Fees Notification

21 Series UG and PG students can download their Hall Tickets by Visiting: Students can use their Roll No as user name and password to login and can download their respective Hall tickets.

End-of-Semester Exam-November 2021 – Schedule for 1 year MBA & MCA

  1. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 Series Students can download their    Hall tickets.
  2. 21 Series Students can download their hall tickets on 31st January, 2022.
  3. Students who studied before 2014 are asked to come and collect their hall tickets in person at the office of the Controller of Examination.

End of Semester Examinations-November 2021

The last date for payment of college fees and exam fees is 29th January 2022.

Revised Academic Calendar 2021-22

To Know your Roll Number 0452-2530070 0452-2530070

The advantages of Using A Binance Robot

In the world of investment, many individuals have misconceptions about what are the variances between what is done with classic brokerage companies like people who trade in stocks, provides, mutual funds, etc . The truth is that there is actually not any major differences between these kinds of trading methods. The main big difference is usually that the trading platforms employed by brokers are extremely different regarding the two. There is not just one single platform that is being used simply by all agents but rather a multitude of them to present their clientele. This a comprehensive portfolio of platforms has also made points a little more tricky, more exactly, it has achieved it harder for visitors to determine which broker to use. Here are some of the very most important items you should consider prior to settling on any one particular broker:

Differentiability between broker agents If you take a review of the differential factors of two distinctive brokers, so as to they have a lot more in common. As an example, both work with trading platforms, they both allow you to trade, and they have different power between accounts. What this means is that with a control account you better income when you operate. The problem right here lies in simple fact that people are more likely to think that using a greater quantity of influence means a larger potential revisit. The truth is that this will depend on the specific currency pairs decided to be bought and sold, which ascertains if you will get a higher profit or a reduced return.

Reliability One key difference between such areas bitcoin revolution is that most of them tend not to offer a high level of reliability. In most cases, even the best excessive leverage trading platforms that might be on the net do not offer any form of secure trading. One good case with this is the perimeter trading choice. The margin trading option is only available on increased leverage accounts which means you will need to trade a lot of smaller sized sums of money to take advantage of the more expensive price activities. This can demonstrate to be quite dangerous, especially if you are definitely not prepared to take the risk.

Unpredictability Another thing that makes the bitcoin trading market just a little different from others is their volatility. Traders tend to trade in large amounts if the volatility can be high mainly because they think that they will be able to reap the benefits of short term price fluctuations. Nevertheless , they usually finish up losing their very own investments when the volatility goes down mainly because traders expect it to go up again. With a risky market like the bitcoin market, it is best to wait with regards to high volatility before a person trades. There is no reason for trying to reap the benefits of a low risky price head out because it is not going to change nearly anything.

Flexibility When you look at all the different aspects that make up these websites, you will see that there is a lot in accordance. Most of them offer investors a very a comprehensive portfolio of trading alternatives, they both equally allow you to investment certain foreign exchange pairs and they both have very high levels of leverage. Yet , this really does mean that there are some differences in the way that these two sorts of investors are taken care of.

The biggest difference between these two trading platforms is the level of level of privacy and control afforded with their users. As you know privacy is one of the major worries designed for traders whenever they trade within the internet, and with binance you have nearly unlimited control above your trading accounts. Therefore you will be able to placed limits to how much you are willing to use and when.

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