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Daniel Poor Memorial (DPM) Library – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are authorized to use the DPM Library of the American College?
All students, faculty members and staff of the American College are authorized to use the Library. However, for availing the borrowing facilities, users need to enroll themselves as Library members on fulfilling the DPM Library procedures.

2. How many books a member get issued?
Ten Books cab be issued to each user with 30 days period.

3. What is the timing in the Library?
DPM Library is open 8.00a.m to 8.00p.m for reference; hours of operation during the vacation period will be displayed on the library notice board as well as on the library door.

4. Is there a fine for late return of books?
Yes, fine Rs. 2.00 per day is charged for books return after due date.

5. Where can I pay Library dues?
Library dues can be paid through bank challan (obtained from DPM Library) at Indian Bank.

6. Can books be reserved if issued?
Yes, all members of the Library can reserve books at DPM Library Counter.

7. If I do not get the book on shelve what can I do?
First contact concerned library staff responsible for shelving of books in that area. You may also contact staff in circulation counter.

8. Can a journal, magazine, back volumes are to be issued to library users?
No, journal, magazine, back volumes cannot be issued.

9. Can we refer to Dissertation/Ph.D. Theses and be issued?
Yes, all the DPM Library users can refer to dissertations/Ph.D. Theses. Outsiders are not allowed to refer to dissertations and Theses and these will not be issue.

10. I have lost a book, what am I required to do?
If a book is lost, the borrower is expected to inform the librarian immediately in writing to avoid overdue fine and the lost book should be replaced with a new one within one month duration. (Refer College Calendar)

11. Can I bring my own/personal books in the Library?
No, members are not allowed to bring their own/personal books for reading in the Library.

12. Is there a department library available?
Department libraries are maintained for students and staff of that particular department. Check the department head concerned or faculty library liaison for specific department library rules and hours of operation (the above rules applicable to the department libraries too.)

13. Is there a photocopying facility available at DPM Library?
Yes, available at nominal cost.

Department Contact Info

Daniel Poor Memorial Library
The American College
Alagar Kovil Main
Road Tallakulam, Madurai – 625002
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: 91 452 2530070, 2530973

– (Ext) 269


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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