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acmdu1881@americancollege.edu.in 0452-2530070
acmdu1881@americancollege.edu.in 0452-2530070
The American College Campus,
   Madurai‐625 002.


Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification:

B.Sc Chemistry Lady Doak College, Madurai 1984
M.Sc Chemistry The American College, Madurai 1986
Ph.D Chemistry Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 1992

Specialisation in Teaching:

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • General Chemistry

Specialisation in Research : Coordination chemistry
Research Interests : Organometallics and main group chemistry


Other Work Experience:

Designation Institution / Company Year – From (month/year) To (month/year)
Lecturer Christ Church College Kanpur Nov – 1992-May 1997


Membership in Professional Bodies:

  • BOS member Lady Doak College 2013 from 2008-till date
  • BOS member SVN College – University Nominee 2010

Awards / Fellowships: CSIR FELLOWSHIP June 1987-1991

UGC Sponsored Projects:

Major Project:

Title Year of Award Amount Awarded Status of the project- Completed/Ongoing Co-investigator, if any
Development metal complex band NLO material various pokalial application 2007 to 2009 14.99.laksh Completed  

Minor Project:

Title Year of Award Amount Awarded Status of the project- Completed/Ongoing Co-investigator, if any
Synthesis and charactiantion of phosphazene based hetero bimetallic complexes 2005 – 2007 80,000/- Completed  

Other activities / academic credentials:

List of Papers Published in International Journals

1. Cobalt (II) Nickel(II) and Copper (II) Complexes of 1-Hydroxy-2NaphtyuI (4-xstytgl) ketoneoxime P. Tharmaraj, C.D. Sheela and C. Natarjan Asian J. Chem 2003, 15, 324 1709-1714

2. Studies on Schiff base complexes of Slicylaldehyde with sulphamethoxazole and their Antimicrobial activities C.D. Sheela, A.Gomathi, S. Ravichandran and P. Tharmaraj Polish.J. Chemistry 2006, 80, 1781-1787

3. Synthesis and Charcterization of (N-N-bis-1-Methyl-3-5-dimethyl pyrazolyl) -4- aminoacetophenone and its Cu(II). Ni II) and Fe II) complexes P. Tharmaraj, D. Kodimunthiri, C.D.Sheela SVC Research Jouranal , 2008, 3,46

4. Bis – (3,5-dimehtyl-pyrazolyl-1-methyl)-(3-phosphanyl-propyl)-amine complexes of copper II), nickel( II), and Cobalt II) P. Tharmaraj, D Kodimunthiri and C.D sheela, P. Prakash, J. Coor Chem., 2009, 62, 1347